Something started forming.
And it will take shape soon.

A lot of carefully made design, resources and beautiful interfaces,
crafted by a rare mixture of workaholics and a lot of procrastinators.


Hi and welcome to our website

We launch our new website soon.
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About CS

How Creative Stocks Works?

When a user want to download a free resource (s)he must share a twitter or Facebook post, after that the site automatically start to download your file, with this you increment your social media impact and your possibilities of duplicate your sales..

Also we recently update all the site design and we add some great features: now the creatives can be contacted by mail if somebody wants to send a work Inquiry, social profiles, like Facebook, Behance, Dribbble and Twitter, also a button to buy the full version of any shared file or to visit the author store and portfolio, you can see now how fast a file is shared and what is more used to download your files (Twitter or Facebook).

About CS

What we won?

The site on the past was working without Ads, and we are going to keep working like this on this new versiĆ³n.

The main incoming for our site is thanks to your sales, because every time somebody purchase something from your market, we use referral codes to link your product with this we got a % from your host market, without affect your income.

On the previous version we already start to work with some great designers, but sadly we got some issues with our server and everything was erased from the server, now we are starting to redesign everything from 0.


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